Schneider Electric


As the global specialist in energy management, Schneider Electric has a 177-year legacy of innovation, international scope, and corporate responsibility. Across three centuries, we have contributed to the transformation of multiple industries, including iron, steel, shipbuilding, electricity and now solar.

Designing your off-grid solar and backup power solutions

When it comes to off-grid and backup installations, Schneider Electric has both the experience and the proven technology to help make your investment a success.

The Schneider Electric Conext XW and Conext SW products are specially designed with your needs in mind. Our balance-of-system solutions include all you need to efficiently distribute and manage locally generated solar energy, from the DC output to the AC grid connection.

Schneider Electric solutions for the residential and commercial installations allow you to install your system for multiple configurations, to meet your specific project needs including:

  • Residential backup power solutions
  • Residential off-grid solutions
  • Residential grid-interactive solar with backup solutions
  • Commercial backup power solutions
  • Commercial grid-interactive solar with battery backup solutions
  • Commercial off-grid solar solutions
  • Community electrification
  • Diesel off-set

Why Partner with Schneider Electric?

  • We offer you true bankability for all projects, no matter the size
  • Experience you can depend on. We’ve been in business for over 177 years with worldwide leadership in power conversion and electric distribution technologies
  • Complete photovoltaic solutions for any size installation from a single supplier
  • Global service and support infrastructure with local presence in over 100 countries
  • Products are designed and built to the highest standards and are engineered specifically to meet the demanding requirements of your installation