Leonics specializes in stand alone photovoltaic (PV), distributed generation(DG) hybrid mini-Grid system equipment and design. The typical scale for our projects runs from 5kW to 5MW. Leonics has pioneered a unique system design using PV on the AC coupling for daytime loads and DC coupling for buffer and nighttime loads. Our systems have been implemented in Southeast Asia, India, and Africa, including four DG projects in Malaysia on the megawatt scale (MW_scale_Stand-alone_PV-DG_Hybrid_systems.pdf).

Leonics offers standard power conditioning equipment (PCE) such as battery inverters up to 1,200 kVA. Our components are proven with years of operation in many projects. We can also custom design PCEs, hybrid controllers, and load controllers that are suitable for project consultants and design engineers to comply with site specific requirements.

Leonics’ PCEs are available with all 3 types of the IEA PVPS Task 11 classifications for PV hybrid systems. These types include the following:

  • PV added to a grid with existing diesel generators. This “PV fuel saver” operation combines PV with one or more reciprocating machines to reduce fuel consumption. Leonics offers fuel saving controllers for systems from 20 kW to several MW.
  • For higher PV penetration, the single switch master between inverter and reciprocal machine may be best the option. Leonics provides PCEs for up to 300kVA @ 480 Vdc. The system can be designed to use multiple PCEs operating up to 4 units in parallel, for utility scale PV-DG mini grids with total system power of more than 5MW.
  • Multi-Master PCEs and reciprocating machines are the most reliable components for remote area PV-DG power plants. Even without central control, these systems operate with high redundancy. Leonics provides this type of PCE from single phases of 3.5 kVA to three phases of 300kVA.


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