CellCube. Commercially Available Energy Storage With 2 to 14 hours Duration

The CellCube energy storage system is a milestone in the history of regenerative energy management. Whether in combination with photovoltaic, wind power stations, biogas generators or in parallel grid operation – the vanadium redox flow energy storage system guarantees uninterrupted power supply. System performance is reliable and independent of weather conditions, temperatures or grid instability.

The CellCube energy storage system provides clean and emission free power within milliseconds. It distinguishes itself through absolute safety, a proven track record of reliability and the longest operation life. The system can be incorporated into existing power infrastructure in numerous application fields whilst incorporating new renewable energy sources. Sophisticated technology, proven components, intelligent sensors and control functions ensure that the CellCube is the most reliable solution with the lowest maintenance. The flow energy storage system controller is a clever instrument that provides remote monitoring and comprehensive control to guarantee safe provision of power 24/7 year round.

CellCube from American Vanadium is now in full scale production with over 50 systems commercially installed globally. Designed and fabricated to German engineering standards by Gildemeister, the CellCube is a proven, reliable and safe energy storage solution with over five years of field testing.

CellCube is designed for multi-hour storage including:

  • Commercial and Industrial Buildings – load leveling and UPS
  • Microgrids – add flexible capacity to both grid-tied and “island” microgrids
  • Integrating solar and wind – shape, firm and time-shift renewables
  • Grid optimization – increase efficiency of current infrastructure

With unlimited deep cycling over a greater than 20 year system life, low maintenance cost and modularity of separate power and energy units, CellCube is a plug and play system that provides amongst the lowest Levelized Cost of Energy. An additional key feature includes being weather-proof and operational in all climates without the need for a building.