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JardineAlpha Energy, created as the answer to meeting the power needs of clients across all sectors, is the logical and natural extension of the Alpha Group’s collective technological and manufacturing expertise as a global power solutions leader. Recognized as an innovator in packaging hybrid energy technology into turnkey systems, Alpha Energy has earned a reputation for unparalleled performance in Total Power Solutions.

With its comprehensive portfolio of successful microgrid installations in remote locations throughout the world, Alpha Energy offers the right mix of engineering, procurement, construction, and development options to address the complexities and challenges of virtually any microgrid scenario.

Alpha Energy is a memLoma-Lindaber of the Alpha Group, an alliance of independent companies sharing a common goal: create world-class power solutions. In business for over 35 years with over 3 million installations, The Alpha Group truly is the industry’s unquestioned leader in providing quality, customizable AC & DC power solutions for critical applications.  Additionally, Alpha’s EPC and services group globally completes over 600 projects per year, with best-in-class project management and construction expertise in harsh and rugged environments.

ManheimAlpha is in the business of relationships as well as sustainable energy. ISO Certification with a quality assurance department dedicated to meeting client needs, as well as maintaining 24 hour technical support lines, contribute to Alpha’s ability to maintain close, productive and rewarding business relationships with all of its customers.





The Alpha Group began with the founding of Alpha Technologies in 1976 in Burnaby, BC Canada, and through innovative engineering, exceptional service and a commitment to excellence, has established itself as a world-wide industry leader. As a result, Alpha Group products can be found in diverse industries including Renewable Energy, Broadband, Telecom, Wireless, Utility, Industrial, Medical, Security, and Traffic control.

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