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The next evolution of the conventional grid is ABB’s microgrid solution, which can safely integrate the maximum possible renewable energy into small scale power networks, or microgrids.

For the customer, this means the lowest long-term energy costs, grid stability, and the best outcome for the environment. Importantly, these solutions merge the best of power and automation technologies to create a more flexible and adaptable grid.

Pioneers in microgrid technology

ABB is a leading provider of integrated power and automation solutions for conventional and renewable-based power generation plants.

By successfully powering research stations from Antarctica, Alaska, and Flores Island to remote mines and communities in the deserts of Australia using integrated energy sources, ABB has become a pioneer in microgrid technology.

ABB’s microgrid Solutions group specializes in implementing modular and scalable technology packages that supply power, improve power quality, and integrate renewable energy into fossil-fuel microgrids.

For the customer, this means reducing the cost and risk of their power generation and transmission. They can not only improve the capacity, reliability and efficiency of their power, but incorporate the maximum possible energy from their wind, solar, hydro and wave installations.

ABB’s global centre of excellence for microgrids is based in Darwin, Australia. Our research and development programs focus on achieving both incremental and breakthrough developments for our customers to address challenges relating to remote microgrid power supplies; integrating renewable power sources into the microgrid; and enhancing power system stability, reliability and flexibility.

ABB plays a key role in devising solutions that provide reliable power to people in remote areas, yet curb the amount of greenhouse gas emissions being produced. Integrating renewable forms of electricity in to the grid solves both these problems.



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